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Jessica (Bonanno) Rose

Chief Financial Officer & Director, Employee Ownership Programs

Jessica Rose is the Democracy Collaborative’s Chief Financial Officer and Director of Employee Ownership Programs, working out of the Cleveland office. In addition to her role with internal financial management, she serves as a consultant and project lead in TDC’s advisory practice, oversees research and outreach related to employee ownership projects, and she also provides as needed business development support to the Evergreen Cooperatives.

Jessica's primary areas of expertise include impact investing, organizational design, and business development, with a special emphasis on start-ups, social ventures, and small to medium sized enterprises. Her early career was spent as a micro-entrepreneur, teacher, and the leader of multiple mission-driven community organizations. After becoming aware of cooperative business ownership models and the broader social enterprise movement, she returned to earn her M.B.A. at The University of Notre Dame, as an M.B.A. Fellow and Forte Foundation Fellow. During this time, Jessica concentrated in investments and social business models and served as an Associate in an early-stage investment office, an Equity Analyst for the university’s endowment, and a Consultant to several domestic and international impact organizations, including Catholic Relief Services, The Irish Angels, and The Valley Alliance for Worker Cooperatives.

Recent blog posts:
  • Employee ownership can boost NY economy, families

    Jessica Rose
    Times Union

    CFO, and Director of Employee-Ownership of the Democracy Collaborative, Jessica Rose writes in Times Union "Employee ownership can boost NY economy, families." Rose's op-ed highlights how empowee-ownership can boost upstate New York's economy: 

    "Companies owned by their employees are more widespread than you might think. Nationally, there are at least 7,000 of these firms in nearly every major industry, sector, and region of the U.S. In New York, many employee-owned businesses are recognized industry leaders and household brands, such as Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) in the Bronx, and Chobani yogurt, in Norwich, which each employ more than 2,000 workers. Though structured differently, both offer employees an opportunity to share in the fruits of their labor which, in turn, makes workers invested in the company's success. It's not just fair, its smart: Extensive research shows that participatory employee ownership contributes to greater productivity and firm stability." 

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  • Evergreen Cooperative Laundry Expands to Second Plant, More than Tripling Its Workforce

    A man wearing scrubs and a hairnet operates industrial laundry machinery

    CLEVELAND, OHIO — MAY 10, 2018 Evergreen Cooperative Laundry (ECL) announced a major expansion today in collaboration with Ohio’s second largest employer, taking over management of the Cleveland Clinic’s laundry facility in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood. This additional location complements ECL’s original facility in Glenville. The expansion brings more than 100 new employees into the company, joining the 50 workers employed at the original laundry.

    Celebrating this milestone for the workers at this employee-owned business, a proclamation from the City of Cleveland was delivered, highlighting the collaboration between ECL and Cleveland Clinic that will help strengthen and support the vitality of the local economy. “The City of Cleveland welcomes the opportunity for all businesses—new or well established—to participate and grow in our community,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Investments from employee-owned companies like Evergreen Cooperative Laundry help create more wealth for people in our neighborhoods while making our city an even more desirable place to live, work, play and do business.”

    ECL is part of the Evergreen Cooperatives, a nationally celebrated network of companies in Cleveland, Ohio, that creates jobs and builds community wealth through cooperative business ownership. These businesses are located in historically disinvested neighborhoods. For Brett Jones, Executive Vice President at the Evergreen Cooperatives, “this expansion validates the core idea at the heart of the Evergreen model—that businesses owned by workers can succeed and thrive in the market, helping close the wealth gap.” Read more about Evergreen Cooperative Laundry Expands to Second Plant, More than Tripling Its Workforce...

  • Jessica Rose in EconoUs 2017

    Jessica Rose—at Econous 2017—a conference dedicated to creating shared prosperity between people, the planet, and the economy. Econous "builds on the long history of successful national conferences organized by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) and partners across the country since 2001." Jessica Rose in her role as speaker highlights the community wealth building framework of The Democracy Collaborative.

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