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Dylan Petrohilos

Design & Media Associate

Dylan Petrohilos is a graphic designer, storyteller, and activist based in Washington, DC. Previously the staff designer at ThinkProgress, an online organizer at Energy Action Coalition, and web developer for PC Creative Group. Dylan is excited about community organizing and using art and design to tell the stories of organizing.

Recent blog posts:
  • In the Age of Disaster Capitalism, Is ‘Survival Socialism’ the Solution?

    Laura Flanders
    The Nation

    In this article, Laura Flanders writes for The Nation "In the Age of Disaster Capitalism, Is ‘Survival Socialism’ the Solution?" In this article, she writes about the needs for alternative to the boom and bust cylce of capitalism, as well as featuring graphic designed by Dylan Petrohilos 

    Brown is tall and bald, mid-40s, but, even now, you can imagine him as a boy, smart and obsessive, taking radios apart to study their workings and reassemble them better. What he’s been tinkering with since he was elected to the Preston City Council in 2002, at age 30, is the machinery of city government. In 2011, after a 12-year plan to create jobs fell apart when a powerful name-brand retailer pulled out of what was to have been a shiny new shopping center, Brown reached out to Ted Howard of the Democracy Collaborative, an American “think-and-do tank” that he’d been reading about online. The collaborative helped start the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland.

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