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De'Sean Weber

Program Associate, Advisory Services

De'Sean Weber is a Program Associate with Advisory Services. Leveraging his background in community organizing, racial equity, and anthropology, De’Sean supports ongoing place-based community wealth building projects. Prior to working at the Democracy Collaborative, De'Sean was as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow at the Congressional Hunger Center, where he worked at the Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services and Prosperity Now in Washington, D.C. to create equitable economic system change responsive to community needs.


During his time in Jersey City, De'Sean organized corner store owners and community leaders to launch two healthy corner stores as part of an initiative to increase healthy food access. This work culminated in a presentation on Capitol Hill, where De'Sean provided recommendations to community leaders and elected officials around the need to prioritize sustainability at the food system level and ensure economic security for low-income populations. While with Prosperity Now's Affordable Homeownership team, De’Sean examined the state of manufactured housing and residential owned communities to inform and empower affordable homeownership advocates and lenders in the field.

De'Sean graduated with honors from Northwestern University with a degree in Anthropology and Global Health Studies. His senior thesis,Trauma-Informed Care: Re-contextualizing, Politicizing, and De-pathologizing the Traumatic Black Experience, focused on the role of trauma-informed care paradigms to address the impact of mental illness, addiction, and homelessness on Black beneficiaries.